Capacitor Size Calculator Excel File (XLS) Free Download

Capacitor Size Calculator for Power Factor improvement (XLS)
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Capacitor Size Calculator How to use this excel sheet to size the capacitor?

Enter Capacitor Details:

  • System  Voltage
  • Capacitor Line Voltage
  • Capacitor Connected in
  • Capacitor Cost / Kva
  • Annual Intrest & Depriciation/Capacitor

Enter Electricity Terrif Details:

  • Daily Working Hours
  • Electricity  Charge / Kva
  • Electricity  Charge / Kw

Then you will get the size of capacitor bank

  • Leading KVAR
  • Leading KVAR supplied by each Phase
  • Capacitor Charging Current (Ic)
  • Capacitance of Capacitor
  • Required No of Capacitor
  • Required Size of Capacitor Bank

And the protection of capacitor bank

  • Size of Main Fuse of Capacitor Bank
  • Size of Circuit Breaker (Nr. This Value)
  • Thermal Setting of Circuit Breaker
  • Magnetic Setting of Circuit Breaker
  • Size of Cable For Capacitor Connection
  • Discharge Resistor for Capacitor

Download free capacitor size calculator for motors and other equipment to improve the power factor. This excel sheet will help you sizing the capacitor bank for power factor correction. The excel program contains the formulas for obtaining the capacitance of the capacitor and also the number of capacitors.

Download Capacitor Size Calculator for Power Factor improvement (XLS)

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