Electrical calculations (MS Excel Spreadsheets) Free Download 2023

Electrical MS Excel Spreadsheets
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Electrical Calculation Formulas Excel Sheet

Electrical calculations conducted using MS Excel spreadsheets involve utilizing the spreadsheet software’s computational capabilities to execute various tasks related to electrical engineering and analysis. These calculations can range from elementary to intricate, covering aspects such as circuit analysis, power distribution, load calculations, voltage drop estimation, and more. By inputting pertinent data and employing suitable formulas and functions, engineers and technicians can effectively solve electrical problems, design systems, and make knowledgeable decisions. MS Excel’s flexibility allows for creating personalized calculations, generating graphs, and performing “what-if” scenarios to explore different situations before implementing them in real-world applications. This approach assists in streamlining workflows, ensuring precision, and enhancing the overall efficiency of electrical projects.

NoDesign Documentation Excel SheetDownload
1Earthing system design tool for low voltage installationsDownload
2Calculation of electro magnetic field (EMF) around T&D overhead linesDownload
3Distribution Transformer CalculationsDownload
4Power Factor Correction CalculationDownload
5Calculation of Touch Voltage and Ground CurrentDownload
6IDMT (Inverse Definite Minimum Time) Relay CalculationDownload
7Calculate Size of Diesel Generator Download
8Spreadsheet to Calculate Short Circuit Capacity of Diesel Generator Synchronizing Panel Download
9Spreadsheet to calculate the size of neutral earthing transformerDownload
10Motor Voltage Drop Calculator (Spreadsheet)Download
11Transformer LossesDownload
12Electrical Pole’s Trasverse Load CalculationDownload
13Electrical Engineering General FormulasDownload
14CO2 Savings CalculatorDownload
15Load Listing, Calculations and Generator Sizing SpreadsheetDownload
16Load Listing, Calculations and Generator Sizing SpreadsheetDownload
17Spreadsheet For Calculation The Required Number Of fixtures And Illuminance Level Download
18Spreadsheet For Calculating Size Of Motor PumpDownload
19Power Quality Solution Selection SpreadsheetDownload
20Calculate size of transformer and voltage due to starting of large size motorDownload
21Calculate Size Of DOL and Star-Delta Starter ComponentsDownload
22Calculation of Size of Transformer, Fuse and Circuit BreakerDownload
23IEC Motor Data CalculatorDownload
24Estimated Voltage Drop CalculatorDownload
25NEMA Motor Data CalculatorDownload
26Power Factor Table CalculatorDownload
27Available Fault Current Selective CoordinationDownload
28Electrical Safety Program Arc Flash Calculator Download
29Optimal Cable Designing Program in Spreadsheet Format for Efficient SolutionsDownload
30Determine Solar Panel, Battery Bank, and Inverter Size with Our CalculatorDownload
31Selection of fuse and setting of instant short circuit tripping of CBDownload
32Fault Current Calculation SpreadsheetDownload
33Bus Bar Size and Voltage Drop Calculation ToolDownload
34Pump Efficiency Calculation ToolDownload
35Residential Load Calculation SpreadsheetDownload
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