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One of the most useful tools for estimating the cost of painting is the painting estimate template. For individuals who are new to the painting industry, it is critical to bid on a painting job. Download the free example painting estimate form for accurate estimations—download free painting estimate templates in Word, PDF, and other formats that work for you to understand the concept of painting estimation.

Painting Estimate Template

Before beginning a painting project, it is critical to calculate the cost. Estimating the cost of a painting work is difficult; good planning is required to do this task. If you don’t know how to bid, you’re not cut out for this position. An accurate estimate will assist you acquire the customer’s trust and increase your market value.

A Crucial Aspect Of Painting Estimation

Estimation is one of the most crucial tasks to complete a project on time. For that purpose, we share a collection of painting estimate formats in Word, Excel, and PDF. Things that must be included in a painting estimate form for the accurate estimation are as follows:

  • Square feet area that is selected for the painting
  • Charges according to the height and width of the area
  • Name of the person who estimates all this
  • No. of doors and window in the area
  • Cost to remove the nail holes in the wall
  • Cost of the roller, brushes, and tape
  • Other material that may be used
  • Labor per day charges 
  • Labors required for the painting
  • Total cost the labors
  • How much gallon paint you required 
  • Price of the paint
  • More description from the client 
  • Sum of all these costs

These are essential elements that must be undertaken for the painting estimate job. By calculating the cost of all these factors, you’ll be able to an accurate cost that is required to paint a specific area. Make sure to subtract the area of the doors and windows and subtract the measurement from the total square feet.

Easy Steps To Estimate The Painting Job 

A project is never successful if there is no planning to accomplish it. It would be best to estimate the cost and time required to complete a task. If you don’t know how to bid for painting jobs, then follow these few easy to make a perfect estimation. You need to consider these six things for the interior or exterior painting. 

Select the estimate tool

People use different estimating tools like templates and calculators to calculate the cost for a painting job. Select estimating tools that are easy to use and works for you. People need estimating tools to calculate the cost of painting for car and interior or exterior house painting. Sometimes hiring a professional painting estimator is very costly. We make this work easier with these editable and printable painting estimate templates.

Measure the area or room

It is vital to estimate the cost of the paint by measuring the area that you are going to paint. Measure the areas with the ruler or measurement tape. If there are windows or doors in the measured areas, subtract the measurement of the doors and windows from the total measurement because they will not be painted.  

Determine the cost of paint

Now the next step is to determine the cost of the color. If you know how much paint you’ll require for a specific measurement, then it is easy to estimate the cost of the paint. The price of a gallon of paint is between 10-15 dollars, but it varies according to the quality of paint. The cost of the paint depends on the quality or brand of it. A good paint must have all these characteristic:

  • Excellent spreading power
  • Work smoothly, and there should be no brush marks
  • There should be no crack when it dry
  • It should be dry quickly 

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