Top Telecommunication interview questions

telecommunications interview questions
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20 Most Common Telecommunications interview questions

2.What is the need of CPG message in ISUP protocol? – ?
3.What is protocol testing? What types of tool used in telecom testing? – Telecommunications?
4.What is MTU? – Telecommunications?
5.What is bridging? ?
6.What is SS7? – Telecommunications?
7.What is broadband? ?
8.What is Impulse Response? – Telecommunications?
9.Explain about Infinite Impulse Response. ?
10.Explain about Common-Mode Rejection Ration. – ?
11.Describe about Asynchronous Transmission. ?
12.Describe Synchronous Transmission. ?
13.Explain about Voice Over Internet Protocol. ?
14.What equipment is needed for VOIP??
15.What are the advantages of VOIP??
16.Describe about TTCN-3. ?
17.Describe about RX Lev Full.?
18.What is the functionality of TCSM? ?
19.What is Simple Network Management Protocol? –
20.What are the reasons for call drop? –

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